“… Restore the full rich tone you lose when you plug your
guitar into a wireless transmitter or other

types of buffered inputs like those of effects, mixers, sound
cards or recorders. Dragster’s exclusive Drag™ control

makes passive pickups think (and sound like) they’re
connected directly to a amplifier input by allowing you to

precisely dial in the correct amount of impedance loading.
Result? Your guitar tone regains it’s warmth – it feels ‘right’
again and your performance sounds great!


The Draster’s built-in mounting flanges make it a breeze to
attach to a guitar strap and it’s

unobtrusive size and light weight won’t slow you down.
Few guitar accessories offer the tremendous

‘bang-for-the buck’ of a Dragster. You will use it on

Dragster – another creative tool to make you sound better
from the tone fanatics at Radial!…”

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