About Alfa Audio

Alfa Audio A/S is distributing high-end professional audio products for theatre, music and AV installations as well as touring productions and recording facilities.

Alfa Audio is the go-to for sound advice and professional high-end equipment. Consultation is integral to our concept – you can opt for the most expensive solution, but if it’s not well-considered or utilized to its full potential, you’re no better off. We prioritize solutions tailored to the venue’s needs, ensuring the system is adapted accordingly.

Equipping users to operate our solutions is paramount. We invest time in instructing and guiding users to maximize potential. We also conduct ongoing workshops and courses centered on our products, covering everything from PA system setup to microphone techniques.

We exclusively distribute and deal in leading products on the market, whether it’s for measurement, regulation, monitoring, processing, or transmitting sound.

In other words, quality sound is our top priority, and we won’t compromise on it.

As a distributor and dealer Alfa Audio is exclusively working with leading manufacturers on the market.

d&b audiotechnik – loudspeaker systems for mobile and fixed installations.
SSL Live – digital live consoles.
DPA Microphones – condensor microphones.
Radial Engineering – DI-boxes, switches and interfaces.
EM Acoustics – loudspeakers for mobile and fixed installations.
10eazy – sound pressure level measuring and displaying.
Maselec – analogue signal processors for audio mastering.
Digital Audio Denmark – AD/DA and digital format converters.
D. W. Fearn – all tube signal processors for recording, mix and mastering.
Sommer Cable – quality cables for every imaginable purpose.
Ferrofish – AD/DA and digital format converters.
Primacoustic – solutions for challenging acoustical enviroments.
ADAM Audio – reference speakers for production use.
Amptown Cases – flightcases for storage and touring.

Additionally, Alfa Audio has developed the electronic acoustic enhancement system: Alfa Ecoustics.

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